About Conus

History of CONUS:


CONUS was born in the 1980s through its pioneering work in the development of the satellite uplink truck as a newsgathering tool (in recognition of that work the first SNG truck (CONUS-1) is one of the major exhibits at the national museum dedicated to news, the Newseum).  This technological breakthrough allowed local television stations nationwide to provide live coverage from across the U.S., and easily exchange video with others.  These capabilities were at the core of the CONUS News Service that, in addition to expediting live transmissions, provided footage exchanges and coordinated coverage of major news events such as hurricanes and earthquakes, political conventions, and other breaking news of the day.  CONUS had regional news bureaus across the U.S., including a full production bureau in Washington, D.C., which allowed in depth coverage of the White House, Congress and the Pentagon.  CONUS also operated the 24-hour per day “All News Channel” for more than 12 years.  At the end of 2002, CONUS undertook a restructuring that led to a cessation of newsgathering operations, but licensing of the video gathered over those two decades continues today through the CONUS Archive. 



CONUS today:


The CONUS Archive continues to grow as a trusted resource for program producers by offering a wide variety of the best moving images available at competitive prices.  The core collection is 15,000 hours of quality footage, representing the important, the tragic, as well as fun and downright weird personalities and events from the 80s through 2002.  In addition, we represent other collections that cover a wide variety of topics, which is regularly supplemented as new imagery is provided.  If you have footage that needs representation, we’d be happy to talk about it.





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