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Extreme Sports & Festivals

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Warning, this clip isn't for the squeamish! Our latest addition to archive shows an amateur extreme sports enthusiast missing the mark while trying to perform a jet ski stunt with his buddies. You can check out what happens today by going to the Stash at!
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An incredible spectacular crash is caught on camera at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Amazingly the driver and co-driver walked away with minor injuries from the horrific accident.

Check out the video today on our CaughtOnTapeTV YouTube Channel page at as well as TheClipStash at!

For more information contact a CONUS representative at Please reference clip #339919.

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What do you do with tons of rotten tomatoes? Throw them at each other of course!! New footage from the 2nd annual Midwest Tomato Festival held in Minneapolis over the weekend.

Check out sample clip today at

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New video now available shows dogs and their owners practicing for a unique type of relay race! Check out Flyball Racing today at!

For additional information contact us at and reference clip #338148.

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New high definition imagery is available of the following extreme sports events:

British Car Jumping Championships (2011)

In this event the brave (or possibly mad) banger car drivers accelerate their cars over a ramp in an attempt to fly over a line of old junkers and land safely on the opposite side. It's the drivers that fall from the sky and crash into the heap of old wrecks in spectacular fashion that seem to get the biggest round of applause.

12 Hour Lawnmower Races (2011)

In this 12 hour race you see three different classes of lawn mowers racing. The overall trophy is awarded to the team completing the most laps during the race. Race conditions were perfect for the event, which pleased all the racers and the two thousand plus onlookers.

Antarctic Marathon (2011)

Thirty-six athletes from seventeen countries braved sub-zero temperatures and completed the 42.2 km race ...
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By admin_portal on 8/3/2011 12:01 PM

We've just added a cool new feature story about a group of men who soup up power tools and race them down a track. Very innovative new extreme sport!

Check out the video today at!

For more information contact Chris at or Joe at Please reference clip #332536.

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Gale warnings cause heavy surf in Duluth, MN as Lake Superior shows off some impressive waves. New video is available highlighting some extreme sport enthusiasts taking advantage of the challenging conditions and kite surfing.

Check out the video today at

For more information on this imagery contact either Chris at OR Joe at Please reference clip #331508.

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New clips have recently added to our wild motorcycle stunts gone wrong collection! This crazy footage catches both experienced and not so experience riders losing control while attempting stunts. In addition, we've also added spectacular crashes / accidents caught on tape at various mud racing events.

For more information on any of this eye-catching dramatic imagery, contact either Joe at or Chris at, today!

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New footage is now available of an unusual competition that was added to the St. Paul Winter Carnival this year. While lawnmowers are often seen raced during the summer, these riders take to a frozen lake to test their skills on the slick ice. View the footage now at!

For more information on this clip contact either Chris at OR Joe at, today! Please reference clip #328811.

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