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By admin_portal on 8/2/2012 9:23 AM

New footage has been added to the archive showing a new technique being used in Minnesota for combatting eurasian milfoil, a water weed that is quickly taking over lakes and waterways around the United States. Imagery includes good shots of the milfoil weed on the surface as well as underwater and divers in scuba gear harvesting it.

Check out a sample clip today of what's available at

To learn about additional imagery contact a CONUS representative at and reference clip #338211.

Looking for other invasive species footage, contact us for a complete extensive search of our archive at no charge!

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Newly added footage to our underwater collection include the following in High Definition:

*Stinging Cauliflower Jellyfish
*Moon Jellyfish
*Schools of Goliath Grouper

For more information on these clips contact either Chris at or Joe at, today!

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Newly acquired high definition footage is now available of underwater images taken around the Great Barrier Reef. A the stunning imagery covers a large variety of marine life that can be found along the reef. This is a great addition to the already comprehensive underwater collection of images that CONUS already offers.

For more information on this collection of images, contact either Chris at or Joe at, today!

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