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Extreme Weather

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We now have available footage Storm Chaser footage of Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gustav taken on the following locations.

Tropical Storm Fay:

  • August 19th, mainly in Everglades City in SW Florida (Collier County) as well as Marco Island.

Hurricane Gustav:

  • Gustav evacuation traffic on I-10 between Pascagoula, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana on August 31st (before the storm). 
  • Footage from September 1st showing the strong winds in the Terrabonne Parish of SW Louisiana near the town of Houma, Louisiana. The eye of the storm (calm) was encountered in Morgan City, Louisiana.
  • Footage from September 1st showing the storm-surge flooding in the western portions of Gulfport, Mississippi near St Louis Bay.

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Caught on surveillance!

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Caught on tape!

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Houston County, MN

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We've just brought in footage from the following storms that recently hit parts of Nebraska and Kansas.

  • 5/29: Tornado hits North part of Kearney, Nebraska.  Good footage of heavy winds, rain, power flashes, debris literring the road.
  • Additional night footage of chasers getting hit by a strong wind that the chasers are calling a small tornado.  Good dramatic footage of one of the vehicles even being slightly lifted up off the ground as the wind hit.
  • 5/29: Tornado footage and debris from near Beloit, Kanas.  There are fantastic images of a huge super cell storm that looks like it's from another world.

By admin_portal on 5/29/2008 9:40 AM

We've just brought in some new storm chaser footage taken on Monday, 5/26 near Greensburg, Kansas.  Footage shows several funnels/tornadoes as well as the chaser's windshield getting busted up during the chase by some very large hail.  Good stuff!

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Chaser's close call with wedge tornado in Kansas.

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Just In:

We've just brought in some great video of heavy snow that fell over the weekend near Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  Just when you thought winter was over, guess again!

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