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Extreme Weather

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New footage is available of rural flooding in Richland County, North Dakota. Residents struggle to keep up with the rising waters along the Red and Wild Rice River's. Most recent footage available was taken 3/24 around Richland County and Abercrombie, North Dakota along Highway 81 and Interstate 29.

For more information on this footage contact either Chris or Joe at, today!

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We now have available footage Storm Chaser footage of Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gustav taken on the following locations.

Tropical Storm Fay:

  • August 19th, mainly in Everglades City in SW Florida (Collier County) as well as Marco Island.

Hurricane Gustav:

  • Gustav evacuation traffic on I-10 between Pascagoula, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana on August 31st (before the storm). 
  • Footage from September 1st showing the strong winds in the Terrabonne Parish of SW Louisiana near the town of Houma, Louisiana. The eye of the storm (calm) was encountered in Morgan City, Louisiana.
  • Footage from September 1st showing the storm-surge flooding in the western portions of Gulfport, Mississippi near St Louis Bay.

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Caught on surveillance!

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